I remember the going outside with some solar eclipse viewers that we made at school when I was a kid to watch the sun as it was partially covered by the moon. How small I felt thinking about the sun and the moon and the universe. Those were days when what we learned about the universe was learned from books and adults who were in the know. Occasionally you could find some information on a TV show, but we only got three channels and didn’t have a DVR! These days, you can google and find out when all the solar eclipses were for the last 200 years. And you can even watch a real time animation on the internet. Things have certainly changed. One thing I have noticed is that with all the social media coverage of the event, people seem more excited than ever for this rare and mysterious event. On Monday, most in the US will be able to see the moon partially cover the sun and in some places, the sun will completely vanish from sight. It will be dark in the middle of the day!

I’ve seen many posts lately about the solar eclipse, and some are speculating that this may have something to do with the final days and the return of Jesus. It would do us well to remember that Jesus said in Matthew 24: 36 that no one knows the hour of His return. While Jesus could return at any moment, it seems unlikely that His second coming will coincide with this event for several reasons. First, we have had eclipses before and Jesus has not returned. The only difference between this eclipse and many others that we have experienced in the US is that it will be able to be seen as a total eclipse from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. Second, it is taking place in the western hemisphere over the United States. Now, I love my country as much as the next guy, but the US is not the center of biblical prophecy and never has been. The biblical prophecy centers around the Middle East and the land of Israel. If the eclipse was going to be part of the events surrounding the second coming, I feel sure it would be one that took place in the East. By the way, a total solar eclipse over Israel doesn’t appear to take place in the next 150 years. Third, the people that are publishing articles about the solar eclipse and the end times, or coming of Christ, are using this event to generate web traffic. This is pure speculation and click-bait.

Could Jesus return Monday? YES! But he could also return tonight. We should be ready! If you are worried about the future or the coming of Christ and don’t feel ready to meet the God of the Universe, I would l love to talk to you and tell you how you can encounter Him. He bore the cross and took the wrath so that you could have life eternal. BE READY. But don’t “buy in” to the hype surrounding the solar eclipse. Just sit back and watch the beauty of our Father’s creation as He shows it’s magnificence.


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