During the month of December, we have been studying the offices of Christ in an effort to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus. Many Christians have made the Christmas season so man-centered, that it is difficult to sift out all the commercialism and selfishness that is associated with Christmas. How do you teach your children about the gift of giving when everyone is asking them what they want Santa to bring them for Christmas? I encourage parents to crowd out all the noise of our cultural Christmas with the person of Jesus Christ.  Take the time to teach your children everyday why we celebrate Christmas. Take the time to teach them what Jesus came to do. That is why I have been preaching about the offices of Christ. I want each person to be equipped with the knowledge of the character, person, and purpose of Jesus Christ and His advent.

Jesus Christ came to the earth to reconcile all things to God. While it is true that he came to provide a way of salvation for lost sinners like me, the focus was on God and His glory … not on man. We tend to want to make everything about us in our culture. But Immanuel (God with us) did not come to earth to cater to our needs. He came to glorify God and reconcile a sinful world and lost sinners to God. We indeed reap the benefits, but Jesus coming was about so much more than our salvation. So let’s name a few!

Jesus came as the greatest prophet! Moses promised a prophet greater than himself that would come and teach all things. A prophet is someone called out by God that speaks God’s Word to His created beings. Who better to teach the Word of God than the one called the Word of God in John 1? Hebrews 1:1-3 teaches that Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God to humanity. And Jesus said that if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father. So Jesus is not only the promised Messiah and Savior of the world, He has come to make the Father known as the greatest Prophet.

Jesus came as the last High Priest! The high priest is a man that would, once a year, go into the holy of holies in the Jewish temple to make atonement for his own sins and the sins of the nation of Israel. Since he was offering an imperfect sacrifice for imperfect men and women, this was simply a stop-gap measure to cover the sin until the promise of God to make all things right was fulfilled. A priest is also one that goes to God on behalf of man. Jesus fulfills this role by making a way for sinners to have their sin completely forgiven. He is the promise of God to make all things right! He did this by offering himself up as a perfect, sinless sacrifice. Because His life is infinitely valuable and He lived without sin, Jesus death and the power of His resurrection is able to cover the sins of all those who believe. In an ironic twist of the plan of God, the great High Priest becomes the sacrifice. And now the Bible teaches that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the throne of God making intercession on behalf of humanity. We don’t need a priest to go to God anymore, we can boldly approach the throne of grace because of Christ’s work on the cross.

Jesus is the Mighty King! Jesus is the ultimate king that will sit on the throne of David forever and ever. In John 18, Pilate asks Jesus if He is a King. Jesus affirms this, but explains that His kingdom is not derived from this world. It is a spiritual kingdom that is given to Him by God that will one day be a physical reality. In fact, Paul says that Jesus has been exalted above every name and one day EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. And in Revelation 19, we see a picture of this King coming to establish His kingdom forever. And He is called King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What is the nature of His kingdom? He rules over all creation!

So the coming of Jesus is about more than our salvation. It is about setting all things right in the kingdom. In Colossians 1 it is about reconciling all things to God. All creation is longing for His coming! Humanity is crying out for peace on earth and longing for a perfect world. But more importantly! God is righteous and demands a perfect world under His sovereign control! Christmas is about Jesus! Teach it to your children! Remind yourself! And tell others that Jesus came so that we encounter the great love of God and walk with Him daily.

If you would like to know more about how to be saved, please send me a message! I would love to tell you about the love of Jesus and the good news of His coming!



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